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It is one of the fundamental human requirements is a working environment that allows people to perform their work under comfortable conditions. Employees provided with the buildings and air conditioning systems and are designed the office based on a certain level of comfort. But there is always a key question for an employee that is ‘What is the effect of providing the the level of comfort for an employee which is fulfilled on demand by the management and what is the productivity of people working in office environments’. The purpose of this topic is to quantify this relationship by making choices regarding the working environment at strategic level within the facilities provided by management.

Many people spend half of the time or you can say fifty percent of their lives within indoor environments, that is within the office premises than spending time with family, as this is the only source where an employee can make some amount and run their family, which is greatly influence their mental status, actions, abilities and performance. For this better outcomes and also to increase the productivity the employees should spend some free time or should be take them to some outing where their mind will relax and from the next day they can concentrate on their work and bring some good productivity to a company which is benefitted for both that is for employees and also for a company. It can also be satisfied by spending a team lunch or a dinner which probably has a great impact for both. It also impact if an employee has a better workplace environment. Better physical environment of office will also boost the employees and ultimately improve the company’s productivity increases rapidly.

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Over the years, many organizations have been trying to bring some new designs and techniques to construct office buildings, which affect the employees to work on that environment and which can increase productivity, and attract more employees to work overtime. Many authors also noted that, the physical layout of the workspace,which refresh their mind and bring some confidence in them and also brings the employees to work extra hours, along with efficient management processes.

But practically speaking, organizations still do not give much importance to workplace design, which deprived their productivity. It is found that nearly 40 percent of the employees believe that their companies want to keep their costs low as they do cost cutting in many things by not providing the food coupons, conveyance that is why their workplaces have bad designs, and 46 percent of employees think that the priority list of their company does not have a proper workplace design on top which is benefits the employees.

The relationship between office design and productivity can be conceptualized. Some of the factors that have different impacts on different employees based on their gender. Some are indicated for  office design such as Furniture, Noise, Temperature, Lighting and Spatial arrangement

Furniture the prime factor which affects the productivity of employees. Employees should be provided a proper furniture a flexible, comfy which plays a major role, because most of the time an employee spend their work on a furniture such as chair and well established table which impact on work and provide the best productivity.

Lighting in the office also plays a major role in office design. The lighting should be placed in such a manner so that it should not be visual to your eyes which impact on your work and causes a lot of disturbance while work hours. The light should be placed in such an effective way which gives a sense of energy and affects the mood of the employees.

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Noise and Temperature also plays a major role in employee’s performance

Difference between the gender employees

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It is found that male employees are affected by the furniture in their offices; which causes their productivity and it also affected by the furniture they are using. Whereas female employees are less affected by the furniture in their work area and also their performance also remains unaffected though the furniture is uncomfortable.

An analysis has done where we found that majority of male employees were not much affected by noise but for even a little noise their productivity was affected. Whereas female respondents’ results show that there are many noise distractions in their workplace and in their surroundings but it won’t affect their work as they are habituated with these sort of noise, because female employees are always chatting, and they love noises and they can work in noisy surroundings.

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