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When it comes in room renovation, often time’s people don’t really pay much attention to room colors. They live with the dull white oil paints that are just terrible to look at. On the other hand, there are people that are very conscious of the color their house is.

So, what’s the difference? What’s the different between having a dull and boring house as compared to a bright, colorful and vibrant house? The answer might be surprising but colors can have a severe effect of the mind and body – Something that is referred to as the Psychology of Color.

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Can Colors Really Change a Person’s Mood?Dark Living Room Color Effect Lahore Architects

While the answer might be really surprising to some of our readers, it is true that a color can leave a deep and lasting effect on the human mind. It’s really quite simple to understand. For instance, some people get sick on the sight of blood, even if there’s only a few drop of it. The blood doesn’t affect us physically, but only mentally. Another example is the fact that almost every social media platform is themed blue, as blue can be a cause to alleviation of stress and depression.

What Effects Do Certain Colors Have?

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Every color has a different impact on the human mind. While one may be calming and soothing, the other might provoke a person to do an aggressive act. Some colors along with their results are given below.

  • Red is proven to be energizing and invigorating. It is one of the most intense and concentrated color from the 16.7 Million. Red color in rooms and halls are mostly meant to keep up the excitement in the room. Since red increases blood pressure, it is an extremely good choice for halls and open spaces where ceremonies are often conducted. In homes, red is the preferred color for dining halls as it increases a person’s appetite.
  • Yellow basically represents sunshine and happiness. Usually people like the yellow color for their guest rooms and the front corridor because it is extremely welcoming for someone that walks through the door. Even though it symbolizes happiness, it is proved that people lose their temper due to yellow walls. In small amounts, it generates the feeling of happiness, however, in large amounts; it can create hostility and aggressiveness in a person.
  • Blue is said to reduce blood pressure and heart rate. It can prove out to be extremely calming and can easily get rid of temper and frustration. It is mostly used in bedrooms to have a peaceful and calm sleep. Other than that, blue is also used in rooms, halls and auditoriums that are often used to host parties and large gatherings. Blue is proved to highly improve the quality of a conversation between people.
  • Green is one of the most peaceful colors for the eyes. Green combines the positive effects of both yellow and blue, while keeping the negatives at bay. Green is the preferable color for a family living room and bedroom because it promotes unity and harmony.
  • Purple is more of a sign to represent boldness and sophistication. It can make a person feel much more confident in their abilities. It is known to promote creativity and luxury and it is an extremely dramatic color.
  • Orange has a similar effect like the red color. It also energizes and freshens up people. This color is great for a gym or a gaming room because it increases excitement and enthusiasm. However, orange is not a good idea for your bedroom or living room.
  • Crimson is a straight up trigger for rage and hostility. It is extremely effective in agitating and irritating. Crimson is never used in large quantities; it can be used for outlining and decoration. Excessive use of Crimson is likely to disrupt the peace and unity of people living in the house.

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